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You have dreams and desires but you aren't doing anything with them.

You yearn to get to your creative projects but you can't find the time.

The reality you are living is nowhere near what you imagine for yourself.

Would you believe there is only ONE THING you are missing? 

You're invited to my FREE eCourse Find Your Creative Confidence + Change Your world where you'll discover:

  • why creativity is essential to your health + wellbeing
  • you ARE naturally creative
  • what's in the way of creating what you want
  • where to find time for your creative projects

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Linda Hough

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Even if you think you aren't creative, especially if you think you aren’t creative, this eCourse will unveil the truth behind the creative myths that are keeping you stuck and frustrated. You are meant to experience your dreams and desires, create with a sense of joy and ease, live into the fullest expression of yourself!!

Finding Your Creative Confidence will reverberate through your life empowering to you create what you want while bringing you moments of happiness that can easily add up to a lifetime.

Through my own struggle to recover creative confidence, an MA in Art and a variety of workshops and personal development courses, I've arrived where I am today: passionate about helping you unlock the door to your own creative abilities. Whether you’ve had an experience with creative shaming, creative dreams you aren't getting to or can’t find time to create, this course will help you.

What I know for sure is that when your creativity is in full flow, you live with less stress and more ease, more clarity, fulfillment and yes, more happiness!

Linda Hough Creator of Happiness Through Creativity: Your Path to Everyday Joy