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Even if you think you aren't creative, especially if you think you aren’t creative, these sessions will show you how to blast through that old story.

Finding Your Creative Confidence reverberates through your life empowering to you create what you want while bringing moments of happiness that can easily add up to a lifetime.

The first time I remember following my inspiration, I was 10 years old. Our class assignment was to make an art project for a contest. Immediately, a fully-formed image popped into my head. In a flurry of excitement, I recreated the image on paper. Like so many stories I hear, this didn't end well. The teacher passed by, took a look at what I’d done and uttered the words that would crush my young creative self: What a mess!

Thus began my struggle to recover the creative confidence that went into hiding that fateful day. That I won first place in the contest did nothing to ease my shattered spirit. It took a MA in Art along with countless workshops and personal development courses to arrive where I am today: passionate about helping others unlock the door to the most powerful force in the Universe. Whether you’ve had a similar experience with creative shame, have creative dreams you aren't getting to or can’t find time to create, this course will help. What I know for sure is that with full access your creativity, you can live with less stress and more ease, more clarity, fulfillment and yes, more happiness!