30 day video challenge

I had a conversation with a coach friend, Carl Contino, aka the Groove Coach, right as I was struggling to put the finishing touches on this site. We ended the call with his challenge to me: document my creative practice in 1 video a day for 30 days. Since I was clearly in need of a gentle nudge out of my comfort zone….I agreed.

I’d been wanting to make some videos anyhow, this would be perfect!

What follows are the results of this commitment – 30 videos where I create 1 visionary journaling quick collage per day. The video challenge added a new element to my creative process and instantly infused new energy and the clarity I needed to get moving again! Hallelujah!!

My video skills are very basic so I knew the challenge would come from the tech side as well as the creative. Carl taught me a new word: RAWthentic. As this process is intentionally intended to be quick, so too shall be the video process. The videos will be edited only as they pertain to streamlining the length of each video.

About the process of my creative practice: visionary journaling is my own brand of journaling developed as I deepened my practice and understood how this amazing process worked in my life.

Even as a young art student, I was aware of the importance of having a vision for my work, for my life and ultimately for the world I wanted to live in. The primary reason I trained in life coaching was to support the creation of personal and global visioning.

The way I practice visual journaling has more to do with understanding my authentic self and where I’m going than making pretty pictures. Though I emphasize there is NOTHING wrong with pretty pictures if that what brings you happiness!! For me, visionary journaling goes deeper to reveal a new message just for me each and every day. 

I’ll be talking about all this and more in the videos. Also on the blog. I hope you will share my joy (and probably a whole range of emotions) as I navigate the ins and outs of this process, myself and life in general.