Videos 1-10

Currently available from the 30-day challenge => videos 1 – 10 only

Day 1

I knew there would be technical challenges to this challenge. First video lesson: hold the phone horizontally. Now for the second shoot which was to happen this morning but hey…life. It’s still afternoon so I’m about ready to go. Well, as soon as the phone charges. Then there is the audio. Can I do this very interior process while talking about it at the same time? Stay tuned…

Day 2

Second video lesson from 30 day video challenge: make sure the complete journal is in the picture! Getting there is half the fun right?

Day 3

Third video lesson from 30 day video challenge: check for glare on the pages before filming the whole session. In this process I can’t reshoot because the page is already done. So it’s been interesting to let these imperfections remain. That is also part of the challenge, to be rawthentic, as Carl described. The learning and course correcting along the way are what is important. It’s a process!

Day 4

Continuing to dial in the tech aspect while wanting to describe an accurate experience of this process as well as the sheer delight it invokes. Or in the case of today, the sheer amount of emotional release it provides!!

Day 5

I continue to dial in the tech process while realizing more and more what a magical creative process this is! I’m so grateful to Carl Contino, the Groove coach, for suggesting this challenge!!

Day 6

Today I had some performance anxiety before pressing RECORD. I took a moment to let go of the rather strong hold the desire to pre-plan and ‘control’ the outcome of the page had on me. I did my writing to recenter, then allowed the magic of this process to reveal itself yet again. Letting go is a good thing. And I reconfirmed that scraps have value too!

Day 7

Now that I’m getting the hang of this video process and my set-up is working, I can focus more on the creative process and the images that are happening. Today’s page started off rather quickly but then thinking started again and got in the way. As I was editing the video, I saw a word on my desk that better reflected the feel of the spread so I changed it out, not something I usually do but when it’s called for, it gets done.

Day 8

Today I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief. It was one of those magical days when the image created itself rather effortlessly. Then I went to turn the video off. And I saw that it wasn’t on. I wanted to cry!! Turns out I had run out of space on my iPad. Saving grace, I got almost all the footage of the process, missing out only on the end. Whew. Oh, and I clean up my desk.

Day 9

Today was not so easy. It could have been, using the leftover pieces from yesterday to make a mirror page. Instead, I felt the desire to break out of my usual themes. Is it better to go with easy or challenge yourself and learn something new? Watch Day 9 to see where the journey took me. Important personal iconography is revealed.

Day 10

There is not a pretty picture at the end of this session. But what came up surprised me. That’s the whole point of visionary journaling, it’s not about pretty pictures but about your soul speaking to you and showing you guidance.